An international online event for youth and teachers to unlock potential, value all people and find hope for the future.

Are you looking for Ignite Your Leadership January? Or Ignite Your Leadership July?

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire"

- WB Yeats

Education can be so different. You know this. You’ve felt it.​

Maybe you’ve experienced it as a young person in school, or as a teacher.

People all over the world are waking up to their own incredible potential – and realising that what they have been taught in school is woefully inadequate for the life-skills and learning they need to navigate this unprecedented new world we are living in.

Our aim

🔥 Unlock Potential

🔥 Value All People

🔥 Find Hope for the Future

Our Purpose

🔥 Listening to the voices of youth

🔥 Listening to the voices of teachers

🔥 Listening to the voices of leaders within Aotearoa and around the world

Who, What, Where & When

The Speakers:

This multi-speaker event led by Cathy Sheppard will feature people from around the world talking about ways to Ignite Our Fires – who we are, what we can do, how to look after ourselves

The Participants:

Thousands of Teachers and Youth from Aotearoa and around the world

The Venue:

Live learning on your phone, laptop or PC, anywhere in the world

Cathy Sheppard

For Students

Are you a young person, disillusioned with your lack of career prospects? Angry that school hasn’t prepared you for the world you are facing?

Coronavirus has shown you that you need to prepare for a very different world than the one your parents and grandparents grew up in. Yet who is there to lead the way?

You are.

You were born for this moment, and you have all the skills you need. But you may need help in unlocking them.

For Teachers

Are you a teacher or leader, disappointed with the limitations of a system that has kept people down and disempowered for so long? Ardent about unlocking the potential of young people to become empowered teachers, leaders and entrepreneurs in their own right?

You value sustainability and co-creativity and are passionate about listening to youth. But the opportunities for this kind of radical and open interaction have been lacking.

Join us.


Your radical vision has a home here. You hold the keys to unlocking the potential of young people who were born to become the next generation of leaders.

What will you discover?

In this new world, education is not about pouring in more content from the top down. It’s about igniting a passion for learning that comes from within.


Ignite Your Leadership is committed to creating spaces for teachers to listen to youth and youth to listen to teachers, and each other.


We create space for conversations around what better education could look and feel like.


We are committed to fostering resilience and emotional intelligence, working with embodied and trauma-informed methods towards empowerment and sustainability.

We help teachers to have conversations around better education, while nurturing their own wellbeing.

And we help learners to become competent and confident world-changing leaders.

Event Schedule

Day 1 | Ignite the Fire


Who Are You? What are your Skills, Emotions, Triggers, Purpose, Passions?

How will you use this opportunity to Grow Yourself?

Learn about yourself and your natural strengths so you can use these, day to day.

Day 2 | Feed the Fire

Education and Entrepreneurship

What Can You Do? Volunteering, Sustainable Development, Lifelong Learning…

Apply these strengths to your passions and find your ideal first step.

Day 3 | Tend the Fire

Mindset and Self-Care

How do you want to live your life? How can you look after yourself and your world?

Learn the skills you need to listen to your mind and body, so you can always be at your best.